Additional Implementation Points

Additional Implementation Points

Purchase Additional Implementation Points and customize your offer


Purchase Additional Implementation Points and customize your offer


What is a SQRZ Point?

We created the SQRZ Points System to avoid the hassle of writing endless proposals and invoice single items. With SQRZ Point you have a simple overview of which services you want to include in your custom proposal.

How do I know how much I pay for any given service?

You can find an overview of our complete service catalog in the info box below

What can I buy with SQRZ Points?

With SQRZ Points your can purchase additional services. It works like a retainer fee, first you buy enough points to implement your strategy, and from there we will start implementing the services as discussed in our strategy session.

Do I get bulk Discount?

Yes! For every 10 Points you get one free.

SQRZ Point Based Services

By Purchasing this offer you agree to buy the equivalent amount of offered Implementation Points. Additional Points can be purchased at any time, if you require additional services. For more information about our Point based system please click here

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