Creative Bundle

Creative Bundle

Your original Soundtrack, Artwork or Video Production

Call for price

Through our exclusive network of Artists, creators, producers, and influencers we can offer a wide range of services.

This includes professional services such as Songwriting & Composing, Audio & Video Production, Graphic Design, Licensing & Publishing and more.



How much does it cost?

This really depends on the project. While some services can be more predictive and easier to calculate, we think Art should not have price tag and every project is different. Show us why your Brand is remarkable and we will gladly learn more in a first discovery call.

Do you sign me as an Artist?

We do not see ourselves as a traditional Music Label but rather as an agency that provides Services such as distribution, production and publishing for our artists. We will not own any of your master rights.

What is Licensing & Publishing?

Original Artwork contains a copyright which grants its holder to receive royalty payments from third party collections agencies such ASCAP, BMI and more. Through our partners The Orchard & Sony/ATV we can publish and protect your original work and access an international catalog of original music works.

I am an artist or creator and would like to provide freelance services. Can I reach out?

Absolutely Yes! We are always curious about new talent. While we can´t grant you any jobs, we are want to include you in our sqrz community, who knows when we might meet in real life next time.