Website for Artists

Website for Artists

Your Website to promote your Music Project


This is for Artists or Creators who are ready to release and promote their latest creation.

We will create a custom Landing Page to display your work and help you drive traffic and convert visitors into loyal fans.


What does this offer include exactly?

Your custom Wordpress Landing Page or Funnel Site. This includes a 4 page site, including your Home, Contact, Privacy Policy and an add page. Beware: domain + hosting is NOT included!

Do you provide content or website copy?

No, we will build the site according to your needs, but you must deliver Text, Images or Videos. If you need help with your content production feel free to request a consultation.

I already have a site on Wix or a similar service, can I move it?

In many cases Wix is totally sufficient, but remember that you do not own it, you just rent it, so you can’t move it to another provider.

Does this include a shop?

No, shops are quite a tricky thing to develop. It all depends on what you’re selling. But the Site is upgradable at any time, if you want to include your shop later.

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