Artist Bundle

Artist Bundle

Your Landing Page plus the first month of executive virtual assistance | Value – 12 Implementation Points

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This is for Artists or Creators who are ready to release and promote their latest creation.

We will create a custom Landing Page to display your work and help you drive traffic and convert visitors into loyal fans.


This offer contains 12 Implementation Points – please read more below


What does this offer include exactly?

Not every customer needs the same things. Thats why we work with a point based system. For this offer you will get 10 implementations points

What is executive virtual assistance?

Under this category we handle all the small & tedious things that are required to maintain your online business. Its the non creative work behind the scenes like optimizing your channels, schedule ads and create yearly reports.

I already have a site on Wix or a similar service, why should I get a new one?

In many cases Wix is totally sufficient. But it´s not a scalable solution that you own, you just rent it. Our Wordpress and Custom HTML Sites are build robust and are anytime upgradable.

How long does this take?

This depends on the excat project scope. After our first discovery call we will outline the project and create the first drafts within the first month. We estimate that we have the deliverables within the second or third month.