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Are you an artist o creator? Learn how to properly plan and execute your digital content strategy. 

In the following blog posts we will show you everything you need to know about your Content, the Customer ,  Social Media, Paid Ads, Copyright and the emerging business opportunity that is developing in the digital landscape

The SQRZ Creator Program

Mastering a digital content strategy can be overwhelming. Many artists struggle to find a working strategy and end up paying thousands of dollars to an agent, even though many things could be done by themselves in no time. 

Our mission is to give you a comprehensive overview on how you can achieve most of this by yourself. You don´t have to be a coder, a designer or an MBA Student to make the most of your digital content. But one thing is for sure: You must be willing to learn and put the work in by yourself. 


Content Strategy

How to plan your digital content and execute on your strategy

Social Media

How to use Social Media to achieve your goals

Business Opportunity

How to properly monetize your content. Get paid to do what you love

02 – Customer Problem & Archetype

SQRZ Creator Program Get exclusive access to the SQRZ Content Creator Program. And Download the

Creating an Online Brand – a comprehensive guide for Creators

Part 01 – Learn how to create a vision and validate your idea for your

Full E-Book is coming soon

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